My Plan for Sutton, Cheam & Worcester Park

1. Protect and enhance valued local health services

2. Secure more great school places for all children in Sutton

3. Make high street parking easier so local shops thrive

4. Improve transport links to give commuters a better quality of life

5. Take HGVs off residential roads surrounding Kimpton Park

6. A new GP surgery on the Sutton Hospital site


I have lived in Sutton for 28 years, building a small business and raising a family. Both my children were born in St Helier Hospital and educated in Sutton schools. I understand the local issues that concern you because I shop in the same shops and drive on the same roads.

A regular volunteer at St Helier Hospital, a school governor, a governor at SCOLA and a former Councillor in Sutton, I have a record of standing up for local people.

Thank you to all those who supported my election campaign. I am determined to provide the people of Sutton with a strong voice in Westminster.

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Tell Me Your Views

National and local decision makers should be genuinely accountable. I need to know what issues matter to you and your family, so please spend just a few minutes completing my survey. You’re in control!

English Votes for English Laws

I’m calling for English votes for English issues to be introduced into the House of Commons as soon as possible. If you agree, please sign my petition.

Trains at Worcester Park

Add your name to my petition which seeks to get Crossrail 2 trains to stop at Worcester Park rather than Motspur Park. Worcester Park station is packed at peak times. More trains stopping there can only help.

kimpton protest

Kimpton Link Road

Residents in and around Gander Green Lane and Hamilton Avenue want the council to put the proposed Kimpton link road back on their agenda and reroute HGVS away from residential roads. You can give your support by adding your name to the petition here.

Viewing upgrades at London Bridge Station

Yesterday I went to London Bridge station for a tour in advance of the opening of their new concourse to see the works that have been completed so far, to meet with some front line staff that have helped to deliver the project, and hear about how the new integrated control room at the station unites rail staff for the first time.

105 – A new three digit number for power cuts

Many people don’t know who to contact during a power cut and wrongly call the electricity supplier they pay their bill to. 105 has been set up to help people get through their local electricity network operator.

Taking part in the Jalsa Annual Convention

On Sunday I took part in the Jalsa Salana, an Annual Convention of Ahmadiyya Muslims in the UK. This unique event, now in its 49th year, is the largest convention of its kind in the UK bringing together 30,000 participants from more than 80 countries to increase religious knowledge and promote a sense of peace and unity.

Discussing business growth with NatWest

Yesterday I visited the Sutton High Street branch of NatWest bank to meet with their Business Growth Enabler and discuss what they are doing to help local businesses to grow.

Southern Rail & the unions

Much as I love my job, the one thing that I knew I’d hate about becoming an MP was returning to a daily commute. I was right and it’s clear from my twitter feed, emails and letters that I’m not the only one who bemoans the atrocious performance of Southern Trains. We need to end the unofficial ‘sickness’ action then tackle the fundamental problems with Southern.

A Reinvigorated Conservative Government

The past few weeks have been extraordinary for British politics. Theresa May and her team are focused on Brexit plans and continuing to govern the country for the benefit of everyone. We have a bright future ahead of us and need to concentrate on grabbing it with both hands starting today.

Improving care and support for people living with Diabetes

I have backed a call by Diabetes UK for local action to improve the delivery of life-changing education for people with diabetes. Evidence shows that going on a diabetes education course can help people manage their condition more effectively and reduce their risk of developing devastating complications, enabling them to live a long and healthy life.

The Big Bang Fair

I was delighted to attend Sutton Grammar when they recently hosted the South West London Regional Big Bang Fair, sponsored by EngineeringUK. Schools from all across the borough came to experience a fun packed day of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning and hands on activities.

Offering support to BHS employees

Yesterday I visited the Sutton High Street branch of BHS to express my disappointment that this much loved high street chain is closing down, and to offer whatever support I could to the staff needing to find new jobs.