My Plan for Sutton, Cheam & Worcester Park

1. Protect and enhance valued local health services

2. Secure more great school places for all children in Sutton

3. Make high street parking easier so local shops thrive

4. Improve transport links to give commuters a better quality of life

5. Take HGVs off residential roads surrounding Kimpton Park

6. A new GP surgery on the Sutton Hospital site


I have lived in Sutton for 28 years, building a small business and raising a family. Both my children were born in St Helier Hospital and educated in Sutton schools. I understand the local issues that concern you because I shop in the same shops and drive on the same roads.

A regular volunteer at St Helier Hospital, a school governor, a governor at SCOLA and a former Councillor in Sutton, I have a record of standing up for local people.

I remain determined to provide the people of Sutton with a strong voice in Westminster.

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Sharia Law in Brunei

As the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Brunei I was concerned to read about the next level of the Sharia Penal Code that has been recently introduced in Brunei. I share the Foreign Secretary’s concerns wholeheartedly and know that we will all continue to speak out at every level of government.

Getting Brexit back on track

It was clear from the moment the Government invoked article 50 that any agreement would likely come about late in the process. This has always been the way the EU has negotiated and whilst Parliament has pulled itself apart rather than coalescing around a single...

Sutton Council Consultation for Controlled Parking Zones

A considerable number of my constituents in Sutton have been in touch with me regarding the proposals for the borough-wide Controlled Parking Zone which Sutton Council are consulting on. The important date is 16th December when this closes so it is vital if you...

My vote on the Brexit Deal

The deal in front of us is Brexit. It’s not all immediate but it was never going to be. It’s much more than ‘Brexit in Name Only’. There is a risk in accepting this deal. I believe this is a risk worth taking. It is certainly a lower risk than not supporting the deal and seeing a second referendum or worse still, no Brexit at all.

Cheam Park Traveller Incursion

I am incredibly frustrated that travellers have turned up yet again in Sutton in such a short space of time. We do not yet know if this is the same people that were on Fairlands Park.

Travellers in Sutton

I have been very concerned to hear about the various reports of traveller incursions across Sutton over the past few weeks. They have been to many locations, leaving behind rubbish and waste, as well as reports of violent behaviour and criminal activity.

Soft Landing, not Soft Brexit

This is not a perfect deal by any stretch of the imagination but this is Brexit. We are leaving. The Prime Minister has done a remarkable job in the most difficult circumstances. There is enough in this proposal for me to back her and I look forward to the White Paper on Thursday. My long post tries to cut through some of the complexities.

Promoted by Elliot Colburn on behalf of Paul Scully, both of the Sutton Borough Conservative Federation, Donnington House, 2a Sutton Court Road, Sutton, SM1 4SY.