Eric & I spent the morning in the crush of people beating a path to our door for our Councillors’ Surgery. OK, maybe a slight exaggeration as no-one actually turned up. Either we have 7500 happy campers or we’re not advertising it widely enough. I’ll try harder.

After this I wandered home via the Carshalton Charter Fair in the Square. This is an event promoted by the Carshalton Society. The first fair dates back to 1259 in “Kersaulton” as it was then known. The Society has resurrected the idea and held successful events since 1983.

Stalls selling jam, bric-a-brac and books raised money for a varierty of organisations, music and facepainting entertained young and old. Some stallholders expressed the concern that the event was not as well attended as previous events, commenting that more advertising along the High Street may have helped. It certainly was perfect weather for such an event. I will endeavour to do what I can next year to give the event a little more publicity, so I hope that you will join me in putting this weekend in your diary for next year.