600 residents on or around Westmead Road and Lower Road were consulted on a traffic calming scheme shortly before Christmas. This was as a result of the poor accident record in Lower Road.
Proposals included two mini-roundabouts, changes to junctions and several speed cushions. Ward councillors were asked for comments on the plans following the consultations. Now, I have a well-publicised aversion to speed bumps at the best of times as they are too often used as a lazy-man’s way of “doing something”. The question was asked of residents “Do you agree with the road narrowing and speed cushions along Westmead Road between the mini roundabout junction with Shorts Road and the junction with Ringstead Road?” 59 people said yes, 82 people said no. In the amended plans, I was amazed to see that all 10 speed bumps remained between these two roads despite a clear rejection. The justification was that accompanying comments only feared that they would lose parking spaces. Since that wasn’t the case, it was OK to leave the bumps in.

Needless to say that this was unanimously rejected by us. Since the problems occur up to a mile away from the humps in Sutton Central (whose councillors graciously approved the speed bumps in our patch), I cannot for the life of me see why Westmead Road residents should suffer the extra noise, pollution and inconvenience of speed cushions. Watch this space for updates.

Update: I am informed by Cllr Janet Lowne that the Sutton Central councillors only approved the changes in their ward. I’m happy to set the record straight.