IMG_0610Last Sunday, I led a group of local students to clear a Carshalton school sports pitch of rubbish.

The four Year 8 pupils from Wallington High School for Girls helped me clear the Camden Junior pitch in Carshalton in order to show that they were active in their community for a school project, collecting several large bags of rubbish and 2 fire extinguishers along the way.

In my role as Chair of Governors at Camden, I’m aware that the Junior School haven’t got the resources to clear up the mess that arises from being next to Grove Park. Making connections like this brings people together to ensure that everyone benefits.

I hope the girls will be a great example for others that just a little work from everyone in the community has a big effect on the area in which we live. Sutton Conservatives are starting a programme of social action working on a range of environmental, voluntary sector and community projects. If anyone can help me with time, money, expertise or just enthusiasm, then do please leave a comment.