Yesterday I visited the Sutton High Street branch of NatWest bank to meet with their Business Growth Enabler, Rochelle, and discuss what they are doing to help local businesses to grow.

The role of Business Growth Enabler is a new role recently created by NatWest and she covers 9 local branches across Sutton and Kingston. It involves working closely with small and mediums size enterprises (SMEs), making connections and helping them to explore their options in order to make their business grow.

It was an excellent opportunity to promote growth for local businesses and discuss the work they do in the local community. Each year their staff spend some time volunteering in the local area, and are looking for community action projects to undertake this year. If you have any ideas, please get in touch.

I also met with the Healthcare Relationship Manager at NatWest who explained to me how they are one of the only banks to pay to accredit their staff in various fields, such as Tarek who is an accredited healthcare manager. He deals with GP and Dentist surgeries, opticians, care homes, etc, with their banking needs, whether is be acquiring assets or getting a commercial property for example.

Given the three banks that have closed in recent months in Sutton and Cheam, I raised this with NatWest who confirmed they had no plans to close their two branches in the constituency (Sutton High Street and Central Road, Worcester Park).

I want to thank Rochelle, Tarek and NatWest for meeting with me and discussing these issues.