I am backing the Energy Switch Guarantee, an industry initiative to make switching supplier simpler, quicker and safer.

More than 88% of households in Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park could be missing out on hundreds of pounds of energy savings that can be made by switching energy provider.

The Energy Switch Guarantee – launched in June – is a set of ten commitments designed to offer customers more confidence in the switching process.

The signatories of the Guarantee will make sure the switch is completed in twenty-one days. The Guarantee gives customers the extra assurance that the switch will be fast and reliable.

I want to see 88% of households in Sutton and Cheam save hundreds of pounds by switching their gas and electricity supplier this winter.

People tell me that if you’ve been with the same supplier for years switching can seem like a daunting task that is why I support the Energy Switch Guarantee which promises to make switching simple and smooth for everyone.

Tina Tietjen, independent chair of the Energy Switch Guarantee said: “I encourage people to shop around this winter for the best deal for them. Customers can save hundreds of pounds and with the Energy Switch Guarantee they are assured a simple, speedy and safe switch.

“The Guarantee is a major commitment by suppliers – from the largest to some of the newest suppliers in the market – to make switching simple and quick. It is designed to reassure consumers who may have reservations about switching.”

To find out more, visit their website here.