I was pleased to meet with officers from Sutton Council and Transport for London (TfL) on Gander Green Lane to look at the ongoing problem of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).

This is an issue that I have been working on since before I was first elected in 2015. A link road between the A24 and A217 was planned many years ago to allow traffic to flow without causing disturbance to residents, particularly on Gander Green Lane. However, with subsequent development, this is now seemingly impossible.

Therefore, I have been working to get HGVs trying to access the Kimpton Industrial Estate off of Gander Green Lane. A report was commissioned in 2016, which agreed that this was an issue and pointed particularly to the issue of the signage on Gander Green Lane being a problem.

However, progress has been slow.

On 3rd May 2018, I was delighted that Jed Dwight, Param Nandha and Ryan Stoneman were elected as the Conservative councillors for Stonecot. They have been working on this issue with me and have also been raising this as a concern of local residents.

Last Friday I met with Councillor Jed Dwight and Councillor Ryan Stoneman, Chairman of KIPPA BID, Colin Newton, along with officials from Sutton Council and TfL, with our local Conservative London Assembly Member, Steve O’Connell, to push for action.

I was pleased to hear TfL and the Council agree that signage was an issue and to go away and look at how this can be improved.

I will keep local residents updated along with Councillors Jed Dwight, Param Nandha and Ryan Stoneman.