Having consulted on a council budget based on a council tax increase of 4.9%, the ruling Liberal Democrats eventually bowed to our pressure by restricting themselves to 3.4% extra. Each year the Conservative Opposition highlight innovative approaches to reducing the tax burden around London such as Hillingdon where they are freezing tax for pensioners. Each year Sutton’s tax continues its relentless increase with little extra in return for residents.

This year’s increase was pegged back after the intervention of David Dombey’s impassioned plea on behalf of pensioners. I notice that in a recent Sutton Guardian (6 March), Mrs Dombey is campaigning to stop the demolition of a public toilet in the ward represented by her daughter, a deputy leader of the council. Maybe they can succeed where other politicians have failed in getting the Lib Dem administration to listen instead of their traditional ‘consult, consider, ignore’ approach.
Ruth Dombey responded when her father told her how to spend the pounds. Will she act now her mother has told her how to spend a penny?