Residents of Balaam House took me on a tour of the building and its surrounding area to show me some of the issues they were concerned with.

Since the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, I have been working hard to reassure residents in high-rise buildings in Sutton by getting them answers to questions about their safety from fires, particularly in Chaucer and Balaam House at the north end of Sutton.

I was very concerned to learn of some of the problems that residents raised with me, particularly in relation to fire safety, but also about the maintenance and decision-making relating to the building and its surroundings more generally. I am particularly concerned about ensuring sufficient assessment of the needs of vulnerable residents living in Balaam House. Many reported to feeling unsafe, do not enjoy living there and feel as if their views and concerns have been forgotten by SHP and the Council.

I will be taking up their concerns with SHP and Sutton Council, as well as reaching out to every resident in Balaam House to ask them about their individual concerns.

I want to sincerely thank the residents that took me round for showing me the issues they were concerned with, and to everyone who stopped me to raise their concerns with me. I will continue to update residents as I find out more information.