The LibDems like to think of themselves as a nice bunch of people with all other politicians demonised as negative and destructive. They appear mortally wounded when attacked even on their political record. Yet they so often fail to play by the same rules. Their research, however, is usually better than a placed letter in last week’s Sutton Guardian. Over to Philippa Stroud with her response to accusations that she relied on BUPA membership whilst campaigning about the NHS.

Dear Mr Editor,
Last week a Rod Vincent from Wordsworth Drive, Cheam amusingly alleged in your paper that I had private medical care membership of BUPA. He then – rather rashly – promised “…that the day I see her queue for medical attention at St Helier Hospital I will eat my copy of Das Kapital.”
My husband and I have always used the NHS and our three children were born in NHS hospitals. In fact, my son has recently had his appendix out – at St Helier hospital, I have recently been an outpatient at Sutton Hospital and our GP surgery is in Mulgrave Road.
I have bought Mr Vincent a bottle of ketchup to help him fulfill his culinary promise – namely eating his copy of Das Kapital. Could I deliver this to the offices of the Sutton Guardian for Mr Vincent to pick up at his leisure?
May I suggest that Mr Vincent sign up to the Conservative NH Yes campaign on .
Kind regards
Philippa Stroud
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate
Sutton and Cheam

The silver platter may be a little too bourgeoise for Mr Vincent’s taste but I’m sure a range of condiments could be rustled up to make the book more palatable. There again, I’ve always found Marx makes me a little nauseous.

Update: Just noticed this is my 200th post. No time to pop a cork, I’ve got the 201st to write before a committee meeting (which should give me the material for no. 202)