There have been many column inches written in the papers this weekend about Gordon Brown, marking his first year clinging to power. His predicament was captured best by Anthony King in the Telegraph who said, “A year ago, YouGov’s surveys for The Telegraph suggested that most voters believed that, even if Gordon Brown could not walk on water, at least he was a vigorous swimmer. Now they are convinced he is a drowning man.”

This is beyond the usual Westminster Village tittle-tattle. Every day, Gordon Brown and his Cabinet are fire-fighting comments and articles that he simply isn’t up to the job. The claim that he was just “getting on with the job,” is appearing thinner and thinner. He has gone past the point where John Major could offer him empathy, after coming fifth in Henley behind the Green Party and BNP, just beating UKIP. The Labour candidate even lost his deposit.

Politically, I want him to stay on the grounds that he is considered an electoral liability by two thirds of the population, but on humanitarian grounds, doesn’t anyone in the Labour Party have the courage and wherewithal to put him out of his misery so that Government can start to function again in these difficult times?