I started blogging a couple of weeks after being elected to open up another way of communicating with residents. I spend a lot of time in front of the PC anyway as do a lot of people these days. I shop, bank, book flights and check maps and timetables online so finding out what my elected representative is doing via the web seems natural.

This is my 101st post since I started, hence my celebration with Paul Merton in the photo on the right. (Actually its Boris Johnson’s body before I get comments on how well fed councillors are.) I have been getting about 200 readers each week which isn’t too bad. It’s hardly designed to compete with Newsnight. I know that many of my colleagues read this from both sides of the political divide (or should that be on all four sides, at least it is four at time of writing but changing fast.) Somewhere amongst the anoraks are a few residents reading this. This is for you. Keep leaving comments, keep the debates going. Let me know what you think.