Are you or do you know anyone aged 16-21 and looking for work experience, perhaps with an interest in politics? I’m running two work experience programmes over the summer based in my office in Sutton, each lasting for a fortnight which you may find of interest. In the February half term programme that I ran, participants got an idea of how politics works at a local level, enjoyed a trip to Parliament and took part in some mock debates. The programmes are designed to ensure that you get something out of it. Not just a bit of work to put on the CV, but help in developing the sort of skills that prospective employers are looking for such as confidence, organisation, initiative, team work and leadership. Running my own business, I know the difficulties when sifting through hundreds of CVs trying to find the right person with a bit of spark. These extra activities can help create that spark and differentiate yourself from others.

If you are interested in finding out more, please do get in touch with my campaign manager Ranulph Murray at or 020 8642 3791