The Sutton Guardian has covered a vital issue that we raised

last year. The LibDem Council has in their wisdom scrapped the Parks’ Police in order to make sufficient cuts to limit the increase in Council Tax to only the second highest in London!
In doing so, they neglected the fact that the replacement units supplied by the Met wouldn’t be up and running for six months whilst training is completed. This leaves the parks unpoliced throughout the summer when the majority of the trouble occurs.
Eric and Barry Russell have tackled the Lead Councillor Graham Tope about this, predicting problems with the introduction of a new scheme only to be told that there was nothing to worry about. Their fears have proved to be correct. I’m sure that there isn’t a single resident in the Borough that would mind saving money if the parks are policed effectively. It was not clear exactly how the savings would stack up. I guess that scrapping the service entirely for half the financial year is clear enough.
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