Now I’m going to be a bit cheeky. For the last two years, I’ve asked you to vote in these awards and you have been kind enough to help me become one of the leading political blogs in the country. I’ve hardly posted in the last few months but I’m going to ask once more anyway. I want to help bring you the news of what is happening in your name in the Civic Offices and in Westminster, so I’ll gradually make the time to blog more often. In the meantime, I would be grateful if you would vote for me as one of your top political blogs, instructions below:

1. You must vote for your ten favourite blogs and ranks them from 1 (your favourite) to 10 (your tenth favourite).
2. Your votes must be ranked from 1 to 10. Any votes which do not have rankings will not be counted.
3. You MUST include at least FIVE blogs in your list, but please list ten if you can. If you include fewer than five, your vote will not count.
4. Email your vote to
5. Only vote once.
6. Only blogs based in the UK, run by UK residents or based on UK politics are eligible. No blog will be excluded from voting.
7. Anonymous votes left in the comments will not count. You must give a name
8. All votes must be received by midnight on 31 July 2010. Any votes received after that date will not count.

I can’t help prompt you with my favourites, apart from pointing you to the blogroll on the right hand side of this page. Happy voting and thank you.