My Plan for Sutton, Cheam & Worcester Park

1. Protect and enhance valued local health services

2. Secure more great school places for all children in Sutton

3. Make high street parking easier so local shops thrive

4. Improve transport links to give commuters a better quality of life

5. Take HGVs off residential roads surrounding Kimpton Park

6. A new GP surgery on the Sutton Hospital site


I have lived in Sutton for 28 years, building a small business and raising a family. Both my children were born in St Helier Hospital and educated in Sutton schools. I understand the local issues that concern you because I shop in the same shops and drive on the same roads.

A regular volunteer at St Helier Hospital, a school governor, a governor at SCOLA and a former Councillor in Sutton, I have a record of standing up for local people.

Thank you to all those who supported my election campaign. I am determined to provide the people of Sutton with a strong voice in Westminster.

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Visit to Dillon Court

I had the pleasure of visiting the former Grace Court site on Brighton Road, now Dillon Court, which is currently being redeveloped to bring it up to standards.

Urging eye clinics not to cancel appointments

I attended the RNIB’s (Royal National Institute of Blind People) parliamentary reception to support their call for eye clinics to improve their management of people’s appointments.

People’s Health Trust funding

People’s Health Trust have just opened Active Communities, a funding programme which may be of interest to groups and charities in Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park.

Energy Switch Guarantee

I am backing the Energy Switch Guarantee, an industry initiative to make switching supplier simpler, quicker and safer.

‘Proving Torture’ launch

The charity Freedom from Torture held an event in Parliament to launch their new ‘Proving Torture’ campaign hosted by my colleague Dr Tania Mathias MP.