29427982230_4d40099f42_oThis week is National Air Ambulance Week (NAAW).  It is a time when member Air Ambulance Charities come together across the county, giving a national voice, raising awareness of the lifesaving service provided by local air ambulance services.

The first nationally-coordinated National Air Ambulance Week (NAAW) in 2012 proved an excellent focal point for charities to raise awareness and boost their fundraising.

The aim is that this annual week will make many more people aware of the work of air ambulances.

Events held across the country over the years have varied from ‘Be a Hero’ dress up days, at schools and businesses, to ‘Go Yellow’ and ‘Go Red’ weeks where local businesses and members of the public were encouraged to adopt the colour by having themed displays, wearing the colour for the day, holding themed events such as a yellow cake sale or red themed quiz.

You can find out more about National Air Ambulance Week here.

Sutton’s local air ambulance is London’s Air Ambulance. As you can see from the infographic on the left, London’s Air Ambulance has already treated 10 people in Sutton so far this year. Whilst this is a small number compared to the rest of London and I am glad Sutton residents are staying safe, I still want to pay tribute to London’s Air Ambulance for being there for Sutton residents when we need them.

You can do your bit for NAAW by donating online here or by texting ‘CHARITY’ to 70099 to donate £5.

You can even hold you own event to raise money for London’s Air Ambulance by visiting the NAAW website.