Excellent article on the Sutton Guardian website this afternoon which you can read here.

The Sutton LibDem MP has sent out a magazine resembling the sort of ‘Real Lives’ magazine that usually has articles like pets uncovering extra-marital affairs and Britain’s Biggest Love Rat etc. Have a look at an example and play spot the difference.

Despite the LibDem Chief Whip failing to save a single post office from closure and, indeed losing the whole postal town of Cheam, twenty two posed photos appeared in the glossy tome. The Guardian article in describing it as exhibiting new levels of narcissism, pointed out that Rembrandt may have turned out 40 unvarnished self-portraits but at least the versatile Dutch master spread them over half a century.

Sadly I often remind myself of the epithet “Politics is showbusiness for ugly people.” Ploughing out this sort of lightweight newsletter doesn’t really help politicians from any party raise people’s expectations of us.