Business Minister Matthew Hancock MP joined me in Worcester Park to ask local traders what red tape the government can cut to make their work easier. Visiting Ross Fruiterers in Central Road, the minister highlighted an example of cutting testing time for some fruit imports from six days to six hours, leading to even fresher fruit on the shelves of greengrocers.

Matthew Hancock MP said: “On Saturday it was fantastic to see exactly what cutting red tape has done for businesses like Ross’s Fruiterers in Sutton. Ross spoke to me about the importance of tackling regulation, lessening his costs as an employer and allowing him to do more for his customers. But a future Conservative government wants to go further. We are committed to the ambitious goal of cutting £10 billion more red tape in the next parliament so our nation’s employers can grow and create jobs.

“We are proud this has been the first government to reduce burden on employers, but there is still more to do. Healthy businesses are the backbone of a strong economy and our plan for red tape will help create more jobs, secure more futures, and ensure Britain is better off.”

I know from running my own small business how much unnecessary bureaucracy eats into my time and productivity. Ross and his fruit shop are both integral parts of Worcester Park. Business rate relief has made running his shop cheaper, reduction in national insurance has lessened the cost of employing his staff. Now we need to tackle the parking issue that I know is a major bugbear for Ross and other traders and part of my plan for Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park.

I’m delighted that the Minister has promised to go away and look at the possibility of a ten minute grace period to avoid parking tickets, a move proposed by Conservatives in government but vetoed by coalition Lib Dem ministers. It’s this sort of direct action rather than wringing our hands that’ll help improve our day to day lives.