I am delighted at the announcement of further money from the Government’s £100 million A&E fund being allocated to hospitals across the country including at St Helier Hospital.

I was especially pleased that the Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust will receive £750,000, which will mean our local hospital can get prepared for winter early and be properly equipped to give the best care. That includes patients being assessed by a clinician when they arrive in A&E so they can access the best and most appropriate care for their needs. It will also mean that hospitals being able to build GP practices within the A&E where those with less urgent needs can receive treatment, helping to alleviate pressure.

St Helier is the already the best performing hospital in London for meeting its A&E targets, and we have the hardworking staff at St Helier to thank for that.

Investing in our local A&E will help to improve performance and make sure the vast majority of patients are seen within 4 hours of arriving at hospital.

With our ageing population there is increased pressure on our hospitals. This funding is welcome for our local hospitals in Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park and will help them to prepare well in advanced for winter.

This investment will change the way local hospitals assess and see patients so they can get the most appropriate and best quality medical care for their needs.