I’m a governor at Stanley Park High School and have got very involved with the rebuilding of the school. The Council have rejected the allotment site and favour the Orchard Hill site, though have retained the possibility of rebuilding the school in its current position if feasibility studies show that relocation is not possible.

Part of the proposals are to increase the number of forms of entry by one and to provide a 56 place moderate autistic spectrum disorder base on the site in addition to the existing mild spectrum base. This would only be possible if Orchard Hill was the chosen site. The Council is currently consulting on this particular aspect of the proposal. Consultations about plans etc. will come further down the line.

In the meantime, if you are interested, there are two public meetings, both at the School Hall on Wednesday 9th May between 7pm and 9pm and Saturday 12th May between 10am and 12pm. Further details of the consultation can be found here.