The extreme weather conditions hitting Sutton may be the worst for 18 years but we have to do what we can to minimise incovenience and in particular, suffering. I joined Councillor Tony Shields and Philippa Stroud in a dash around town to get hot meals to the elderly and vulnerable. The heavy snowfall meant that ‘Meals on Wheels’ could not be delivered to the distribution centre at Sutton Lodge in Brighton Road from Wallington.

Parliamentary candidate Philippa Stroud, Tony and I helped to deliver about twenty ‘Meals on Wheels’ to volunteers for distribution to vulnerable residents and then helped to get the delivery van moving after it got caught in the snow and ice.

Sutton Meals on Wheels operates daily with approximately 30 staff, mostly volunteers, to deliver meals to elderly and vulnerable residents. They also keep an eye on residents to call in medical help and other services if needed. Without the help of volunteers the service could not function.

Philippa Stroud said, “I’m just glad we could be of help. We were worried that the van couldn’t get off the ice at Sutton Lodge to deliver meals to residents’ homes. It looked as though the road had not been gritted properly. But after a lot of pushing and shoving we finally got in moving. It was relief to know that it would be delivering hot dinners on a bitterly cold day like today.

“It was great to see such community spirit with the volunteers. Meals on Wheels is an initiative which Sutton’s community can be really proud of.”

Our effort in collecting the hot meals from Wallington Church Hall for delivery to Sutton Lodge is small in comparison with the people who give their time freely every day to ensure that those that are housebound can retain a degree of independence in their own home. Despite the freezing temperatures and snow drifts over a foot deep volunteers were still out, braving the elements, to keep an eye on vulnerable residents. This service can be a lifeline for many local people, particularly in these harsh weather conditions. We are keen to support it in whatever way we can.