I was looking forward to visiting Russell Smith’s experimental house in Carshalton Grove which was open as part of “Take Part, Take Pride” week and was not disappointed.

Russell runs a consultancy called Parity Projects, advising clients how to reduce the environmental impact of their homes and buildings. In order to offer the very best advice he has put his money where his mouth is and bought an ordinary semi detached house in Carshalton, used different techniques to insulate each room and installed thermocouples to monitor temperatures and heat loss over a year.

His website seems to have lost the direct links to the regular newsletters that he produces, so I have added links here:-
July 2006, August 2006, September 2006, November 2006.

Many of the Take Part, Take Pride events were designed to cover a wide area affecting many people. This was superbly unique in being one person making a difference in one house. All of the techniques used were affordable, paid for themselves within four or five years and didn’t take long to install. I used to refurbish flats and houses myself and so really admired the approach that Russell had taken and the commitment that he has made to investigate this important topic. I wish him well and would urge you all to visit the house if you get an opportunity.