My colleagues in Beddington South have highlighted a particularly cynical move by a developer in Wallington. This house was a landmark house on Woodcote Green opposite Wallington Girls’ School. I was on the planning committee that turned down the application to extend the already large building to convert it into flats and another to build a bungalow in the back garden. The developer appealed succesfully against the refusal for the extension.

I was appalled to hear from Cllr Terry Faulds that the developer had demolished most of the building. As you will see from the photo, it is almost certainly beyond economic repair. Members of the planning committee were at pains to highlight the important position that this property held on the green, marking one of the forst sights that people have when driving into Wallington from the South. Now, the view will be unrecognisable, as well as an eyesore for the time that the house remains a beaten shell.

I suppose that since the permission won on appeal was for an extension, this will be null and void as there is little left to extend. This means that the developer will have to reapply. I can only hope that he reassesses his position, not least because he is based in nearby Hall Road and so will have to live with the consequences, albeit a little richer.