Quick Help Guide

As your local MP I am here to help you in whatever way I can. As you can imagine, I get many requests for help with various issues and sometimes I can’t respond to everything as quickly as I would like when I have a particularly high volume of emails. So, I have put together this ‘Quick Help Guide’ based on the most common problems people have asked me to help with during my first year as your MP.

This is not in any way a substitute for my help and if you cannot find the answer here, are confused about the steps you need to take or simply would prefer if I look at your problem from the beginning, please feel free to contact me. If you have already called my office or sent me a letter or an email, but have subsequently used my ‘Quick Help Guide’ to try and resolve your issue yourself, please let me know so my staff do not also take any overlapping action.

I would also be grateful for your feedback on my ‘Quick Help Guide’ so that I can constantly keep it up to date and include new sections where necessary.

Click on the section below that most relates to your query to find the help you’re looking for: