In the last few weeks there have been three, unconnected, but no less serious attacks in Sutton High Street, two of them involving knives.

Sutton is a low crime Borough by London standards and I pay tribute to the brave men and women of Sutton Police who work so hard to keep us safe. Nevertheless, these recent attacks are a stark reminder that Sutton is not immune from serious crime, including an incident just this morning.

In response I asked the Home Office Minister what more can be done to keep places like Sutton safe. As well as commending the hard work of the Metropolitan Police on Operation Sceptre, she advised me to speak to the Head of Sutton Council to see if they would be interested in working with the Institute of Community Safety to undertake an area review to make sure everything possible is being done to stop this dreadful crime.

I have since written to the Chief Executive and Leader of Sutton Council as well as the Borough Commander at Sutton Police to ask if they would be willing to look into this idea.

You can watch my question to the Home Office Minister here.