SES Water is currently having a public consultation about its Draft Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP).

The WRMP is about preparing for the future.

SES Water said: “Our latest plan looks 60 years ahead and addresses important issues such as projected population growth in the area, the impacts of climate change and how we continue to protect and enhance our local environment.

“We receive less rainfall than many other parts of the country and our supply area is classified as being in serious water stress. To address this, and make our service more resilient for the future, our plan focuses heavily on reducing demand for water over the coming years.

“Our customers use more water than in any other part of the country, around 150 litres per person per day. Some of our neighbouring companies have seen this fall to around 130 litres by installing more water meters and helping customers by providing wide-ranging water efficiency advice and retrofits. We believe that we can do the same – potentially going further by using smart meters. At the same time, we plan to reduce leakage levels further, so less water is wasted and is available to supply our customers.”

You can view the plans and have your say here.