You may have seen this competition featured on the front page of last week’s Sutton Guardian or in my last ward newsletter.

Regular readers will know that the totem poles are my pet subject with £23,000 of taxpayers’ money (via landfill tax credits not council tax, but taxpayers’ money nonetheless) wasted on public art looking out of place opposite a hospital that is in danger of closure through a lack of cash. At the last council meeting we were told that we shouldn’t refer to them as Totem Poles for fear of offending Indigenous North American natives.
Imaginary offence to North American Indians is not a reason to rename them. Maybe the fact that they haven’t got a series of heads sitting on top of each other is reason enough. Let me know what they should be called. The best entry as judged by me wins a bottle of House of Commons Whisky signed by David Cameron. Send your entries to (substitute the AT for the usual sign, I don’t want a whole load of spam in the meantime.) Leave a suggestion or two in the comments section as well.