The people of Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park have put their trust in me to ensure national policies solve local problems.

I lived in Sutton for 32 years, building a small business and raising a family. Both my children were born in St Helier Hospital and educated in Sutton schools. I understand the local issues that concern you because I shop in the same shops and drive on the same roads.

Over the years I’ve been a regular volunteer at St Helier Hospital, a school governor, a governor at Sutton College and a Councillor in Sutton, I have a record of standing up for local people.

My plan to secure a better future for Sutton, Cheam & Worcester Park focuses on safeguarding opportunities for the next generation, ensuring hardworking families feel financially secure, and protecting local services to give residents the peace of mind they deserve.

These values are at the core of what drives me to help you and your family.