I have been working with Belmont councillors David Hicks, Patrick McManus and Jane Pascoe, along with residents and local business owner, Lisa, to campaign for a new post office counter for Belmont.

The Post Office in Belmont closed many years ago and has been greatly missed. Since then I have joined councillors and residents to campaign for a new counter at one of the local stores in Belmont village.

I’m delighted that Lisa Kear, the owner of the Pet Shop in Station Road, has been granted a licence to operate a new Post Office in her shop. The new counter will open on Friday 16 March 2018 at 1pm.

This will be a very welcome addition to Belmont and should have a positive effect on local businesses. Credit in particular goes to Peter Mattey from the Belmont and South Cheam Residents’ association for helping to achieve this great result.

For more information and to see what services it will provide, please see the letter from the Post Office here.