It’ll be interesting to see how the Chancellors’ Debate gets reported in the media with Vince Cable’s foresight exposed as more Mr Magoo than the Oracle at Delphi. Andrew Neil and Stephanie Flanders grilled Cable about his flip-flops over the past couple of years showing how a third party politician with little prospect of having to deliver can appear polished without sufficient scrutiny of their track record, but will wilt under the heat of the spotlight. The quote of the interview was from Andrew Neil: “Isn’t it true Mr Cable, that the biggest myth of this campaign is your reputatation.”

I doubt if Adam Boulton needs too many lessons from Andrew Neill but we’ll see if tonight is the day that Nick Clegg understands that you can’t form a government simply by stepping away from Westminster and joining the finger wagging alongside the crowd. Even the most optimistic polls for the Liberal Democrats suggest that they will form a coalition with Labour. This either gives us 5 more years of Gordon Brown with him having come a distant third in the election or a second successive unelected Prime Minister if Brown resigns. This is hardly a good start in fixing our broken politics.

Hat Tip for video: Guido Fawkes