PrecisionThe Sutton, Cheam & Worcester Park Shop of the Year Award 2013 has now finished. 107 individual shops across Sutton attracted support from regular customers and the top four showed the diverse make up of businesses on our High Streets.

Precision Chiropractic in Cheam

Runner Up
Woodward Bros Butchers in Worcester Park

3rd Place
John Fraser Jenkins Hair Salon in Cheam

4th Place
Alan Greenwood & Sons Funeral Directors in North Cheam

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in the competition. Your support makes a difference to these businesses without which our local shopping centres would merely be identikit High Streets. Their feedback has been positive illustrated by a couple of quotes below.

“Thanks for organising, it has made a great difference to staff morale, and team spirit and client feedback and support…It has also made us think about choosing local independent business to business support.”

“It has definitely lead to more interaction, improved relationships with people, and encouraged referrals. I hope all business in the area have found the same as we are big believers in local shopping.”

I am also grateful for the suggestions about how to improve your local shopping areas which I will be working through over the next couple of weeks. I’ll report back on this in the future. You can also see how theĀ Sutton Guardian covered the competition: